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Paul Frediani's Surf Flex - Surf Long. Surf Strong.
Paul Frediani's Surf Flex - Surf Long. Surf Strong.
Paul Frediani's Surf Flex
Chris Curry rips at Porto Plata, DR, photo by Chad Oakley
Read Paul's Blog 49+Surfing is one of the fastest growing recreational sports in the United States. More than 5 million men and women regularly pick up a surfboard and hit the waves. Surf Flex is the first book to address the fitness and conditioning requirements of this popular sport. Perhaps no other sport requires more agility and flexibility than surfing. Wiping out is no fun and a solid flexibility program will help prevent injuries, and keep you surfing longer and stronger. So before you hit the water, try the exercises in Surf Flex. It's guaranteed to keep your Wednesdays big and your summers endless. Whether you are a beginning or advanced surfer, Surf Flex will get you in top form to ride the waves. With contributions by leading surfers from around the world, Surf Flex includes sections on: yoga-based pre- and post-surfing stretches, cardio and strength conditioning, balance and coordination training, swimming, injury prevention and more.
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Surfing with Surf Flex
Surfing with Surf Flex
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